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Blogging about BIM - Serving up success for catering manufacturers

BIM is serving up success for catering company
CHR Equipment Ltd is a specialist in commercial catering schemes for the UK food service industry. In 2013 a growing demand for BIM information was being pushed by their customers and partners. They spoke to Quadra about how they could help support their move to BIM.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015  |  Admin
Blogging about BIM – what’s stopping you from starting?

Blogging abut BIM

As the industry moves forward, so are many companies with their BIM projects and pilots. There is however, still a reluctance to embrace the technology, with many companies dragging their heels. Less than a quarter of building services contractors and consultants are currently using products with full BIM information. Many small and medium-sized firms can be reluctant to take the next step, but the benefits are not just for the big boys

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