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Wednesday, 10 June 2015  |  Admin

BIM is serving up success for catering company
CHR Equipment Ltd is a specialist in commercial catering schemes for the UK food service industry. In 2013 a growing demand for BIM information was being pushed by their customers and partners. They spoke to Quadra about how they could help support their move to BIM.

CHR Equipment approached Quadra in 2013 when they were finding more and more of their customers who were requiring BIM Information and they were keen to be ahead of the game. At the time they were using AutoCAD 2D, but were keen to improve efficiencies but also improve the way they communicate with customers, when bidding for contracts.
The Solution
The first move they made were to in-vest in Building Design Suite Premium, which would support the organisation’s strategy for growth and their desire for BIM compliancy. It would also support their desire to move towards 3D design, helping to future proof the company.
The next step was for Alex, their Design Technician to undertake training. The Revit Essentials training introduced some of the key concepts and gave Alex a good grounding the workings of Revit.
Within 4 months Alex had really got to grips with the software and was starting to produce some great results.
Managing Director Ron Neville said,
“After the training we were seeing increased efficiencies of 60%, improvements on design process by 50% and better communication to clients using 3D imagery.” Alex has since moved onto using 3Ds Max, a modelling and rendering tool, which is further enhancing his design offerings. Design Manager Matt Aspey says, “Alex has excelled in his move from 2D to 3D design, which is delivering some great results for the organisation.”
The big success has not just been the improved amount of orders and con-tracts secured, including Lancashire County Cricket Club and Midsummers House in Cambridgeshire, but also the outstanding results being delivered by their staff.
Alex has since been nominated for the CEDA ‘Rising Star Award’ which celebrates the brightest and best individuals and organisations

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