The End of Perpetual Licenses - Are you prepared?

Monday, 5 January 2015  |  Admin

The end for Individual Perpetual Licences

  • Autodesk will not sell new perpetual licenses of individual products after January 31, 2016?
  • From July 2016 this will also include Autodesk Suites
  • Will this affect the way your business operates?

From 31 January 2016, Autodesk will end the sale of new perpetual licences for many products. Customers who have a perpetual licence for an individual product, or who purchase a perpetual licence before 31 January, 2016, will be able to continue to use that licence. Customers who have a perpetual licence with Maintenance Subscription will receive software updates and corresponding benefits for as long as the subscription remains active. Click here for more information

Our commitment to you
Throughout this period, we will work with customers to make this transition from perpetual licences to Desktop Subscription as smooth as possible and to deal with exceptional situations accordingly. We will provide as much advance notice as we can so that people can anticipate and plan for these changes.

Why is Autodesk are making these changes

How we design and build the world is changing quickly, which in turn is changing the tools used and the ways companies and individuals buy and access software.

Customers have long asked for greater flexibility and more value from their software and the shift to Desktop Subscription allows Autodesk to deliver both. With Desktop Subscription you get a simplified product management and deployment experience. Plus, it is easier to introduce new tools or a greater number of seats into a project with lower upfront cost and the ability to pay as you go.

Which products are affected?

Click here for the full list of products affected.
If you havent spoken to someone at Quadra about this please get in touch so we can look at the best options for you.


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