CADSTAR Power Intergrity Advance (Multi-User license)

The module Power Integrity Advance provides built-in functions for quick and easy analysis of the power integrity (PI) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) in the development process for the PCB layout.


DC Analysis identifies unintended design features that impact the quality of power distribution that may cause the voltage supply to fall below specification at the target device.

DC Analysis automatically creates an equivalent DC circuit representing the power distribution system, which is combined with model information of device power consumption to verify DC voltage drop and current flow. Common problems that can be identified include dense grouping of via holes causing increased local resistance.

AC Analysis

AC Impedance MapAC Analysis verifies plane impedance characteristics to assist the design engineer in the planning and selection of the decoupling capacitor Multi-User.

AC Analysis builds a 3D R/L/C matrix to check frequency-dependent power/ground impedance across the board to make sure supply impedance at a device is low at key frequencies, such as at a clock frequency and its harmonics. High impedance may require corrective action such as placement changes, addition or modifications to the decoupling Multi-User or reshaping of a power or ground plane.

EMI Analysis

EMI analysis highlights design features that cause electromagnetic emission hotspots, EMC Signal Spectrumconsidering both Common Mode and Differential Mode radiation. Solid, research-based algorithms, developed by Zuken in collaboration with the EMC Expert System Consortium at the Missouri University of Science and Technology, ensure fast and meaningful results that assist reliable PCB design in the real world.

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