CADSTAR Board Modeler Lite (node locked)

Board Modeler Lite is specifically tailored to the requirements of the PCB designer. Intuitive operations allow the designer to instantly create flawless quality layouts for production and thus prevent rework and costly delays in production during the product development.

You can create a 3D model of your PCB design using either accurate 3D models or simplified extruded outlines, then export it to STEP to share with your colleagues.

Track and Copper information can also be included, enabling you to verify contacts or clearance between the PC board and the enclosure, or view the interconnect between tracks on internal layers using a Section view.

Multiple boards can be converted and modelled together to verify the interaction of connectors and cables, and mechanical items such as enclosures imported to form a complete product assembly.

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Our Price:  £4,068.00

Product Code:  PC-6094-01



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