CADSTAR FPGA Design (Multi-User license)

CADSTAR FPGA supports from the formats Actel, Altera, Lattice, Xilinx and QuickLogic from one universal project manager that controls all design files for simulation, synthesis, place and route and pin assignment to the PCB. CADSTAR FPGA accommodates any combination of logic synthesis and intuitive implementation tools, giving the designer the freedom to use the tool of their choice to best meet the needs of each design.
CADSTAR FPGA allows the designers to easily integrate the FPGA design in the PCB board design. With the intuitive design flow manager, CADSTAR FPGA offers a breakthrough in reducing the impact of time-consuming tasks such as RTL, post-synthesis and timing simulation, logic synthesis and implementation.

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Our Price:  £1,160.00

Product Code:  PC-6402-nw



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