CADSTAR Schematics + Variants (Node Locked)

The front-end schematic capture the CADSTAR design environment that complements the CADSTAR PCB Design Editor, provides means of a binary transmission mechanism for smooth, error-free transmission between schematic design and PCB.

Data Integrity and Organisation

Key to the success of the CADSTAR suite is the true connective data structure that ensures net integrity throughout the design flow, so you can be sure the logical connections you add in Schematic Capture will be present in the finished PCB Layout.

Organise your design with hierarchy, multiple flat sheets, or any combination. Zones provide an intelligent means to navigate the design and jump to any location.

CADSTAR Schematic Capture constantly tracks your design to maintain the integrity of the netlist, ensures reference names are unique, and tracks the currency of parts in the design so that your ideas are accurately captured. Version control of both Symbols and Parts ensures your design is up to date with the latest library changes.

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Our Price:  £635.00

Product Code:  PC-6209-01



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