CADSTAR Constraint Browser (Multi-User license)

CADSTAR Constraint Browser (Multi-User license)

CADSTAR supports a new Constraint Browser, the constraints can be defined during the circuit development.

The Constraint Browser works alongside your Schematic design so you can cross-probe selections to quickly locate nets. Constraint information is stored in a database that is shared with PCB Layout, Routing and Analysis, providing a smooth exchange of data and a consistent user interface across all applications in the design flow.

•Easy to use spread-sheet-style Graphical User Interface (GUI)
•Consistent data management between Schematics, PCB, PREditor HS, SIV & PIA
•Constraints apply to complex Electrical nets (E-nets) rather than individual point-to-point connections
•Topology Editor to determine and tune interconnect structures
•Cross probing across all Cadstar applications


Our Price:  £514.00

Product Code:  PC-6206-NW



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